The Online Dog Trainer Review

I am providing this review so that it may help you with your decision to join the online dog training program membership site. I know that dog lovers are keen on dog behavior training in the most effective way possible and at The Online Dog Trainer the training is totally video-based training with over 100 videos produced by Doggy Dan, a leading dog trainer and behavioral specialist. This method of training is highly recommendation.

Who is Doggy Dan?

Dan is a dog and puppy trainer and behaviorist with years of experience in helping dog lovers like you enjoy a wonderful relationship with their dog. Often people approach Dan when they at their wits end, but after one simple session, their dog is back to being their best friend. The thing is it's all so simple and easy when you know how. As there are thousands of dog lovers all over the world who need help, the best way Dan can help is by providing dog training video sessions. So that's why The Online Dog Trainer video training site was created – to share his gift for training dogs with you. Dog training is impossible to learn from a book, so that's why all the lessons are on video. It's just like having Dan by your side everyday while you transform your dog or puppy into someone you can truly be proud of.

Dan doesn't use force, fear or aggression when training dogs and consequently his methods are fully endorsed by the SPCA of New Zealand. Dan is a very likeable character as you will see on the videos and his easy-going style makes your learning more enjoyable. The content of the videos is first class.

Dan's main emphasis is on putting the dog owner in the position of pack leader for which he gives five clear rules to follow. This is a crucial part of his training.

If you consistently follow the five rules, this is the secret sauce that makes all the other dog training techniques work.

If you don't consistently follow the five rules, everything else will be a struggle. Being the pack leader is what enables you to gain control without needing to use any force or aggression.

Video lessons work really well for dog training - sometimes it is hard to visualize exactly what you need to do in a certain training situation from reading instructions alone… It is clearer if somebody actually shows you, right?

In considering any dog training videos program I think it is important to have a criteria to measure each one against.

The criteria I suggest is:
Does the trainer use humane methods and positive re-enforcement.
Are there good testimonials from happy dog owners who have used the dog training techniques so that you get a sense that the program actually works.
Is the trainer active on his website and in the dog training community? Does he answer questions he's asked?
Of course the trainer must offer a "no questions asked" 100% money back guarantee. This shows the trainer absolutely believes in the effectiveness of the course.

I'm sure you will find that The Online Dog Trainer meets the criteria.

What has impressed me the most is that Dan makes dog training simple to understand and interesting. Dan is very concise in his videos and gets the point across fast, so that you don't have to watch long boring dog training videos all day.

This will have you learning the fundamentals of dog training within only a few minutes of watching some of the videos, and you'll be teaching your dog new commands and correcting his problem behaviors fairly quickly.

You are the best person in the world to train your dog because it makes your relationship better, and of course, it is MUCH cheaper than a personal dog trainer, which is also a big plus.

What exactly will you get in these dog training videos?

As you can see, the website menu bar features the 4 main areas, which have sub-menus:
Pack Leader
Puppy Training
Dog Problems
Dog Training

These are the main topic areas covered. Pack Leader features Dan's 5 Golden Rules, which you'll find can change your dog's behaviour within only a few minutes of training (they automatically establish you as the 'Pack Leader' – which causes your dog to respect your wishes from now on), Puppy Training which discusses raising a puppy to be well-adjusted, Dog Problems which covers all sorts of problem behaviours, and Dog Training which covers more specific training methods for adult dogs.

But one thing about it – there aren't that many videos on dog tricks. It teaches you how to train your dog and how your dog's mind works, but doesn't have too many videos on tricks to teach your dog. The videos aim more at teaching your dog discipline and showing you how to become the pack leader (which will make it easy to train your dog to do tricks, actually). After learning how your dog thinks, you can always go to Youtube for specific tricks.

This program is for the average person who wants to learn more about how to communicate with their dog, and how to train their dog with humane, positive training methods that will allow you to strengthen the relationship you and your dog have, and make sure your dog has few or no problems living in a human society for the rest of its life.

One of the main points of this dog training program is that it offers a way for you to solve your dog behaviour issues without using harmful sprays, electric collars or any kind of force. I am all for training methods that are kind and gentle.

The Online Dog Trainer also promises to help you train your dog in just a few hours! Pretty impressive – but when you see the website, you'll see that this isn't that hard to believe.

I hope you have found this review helpful. I'm sure by joining The Online Dog Trainer you will be able to get the results you desire with your efforts to train your dog. Opt for the trial period if you are still a bit unsure. Happy dog training.

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